commercial cleaning


our professional cleaning team can help maintain your office space. Not only does a clean work space help improve employee productivity, it also creates an inviting atmosphere for clients and customers. While employees can easily keep their personal work areas clean and clutter-free, a commercial cleaning team handles the dusting, mopping, vacuuming, bathroom sanitation and more.




We can add or remove services to fit your cleaning needs


+ Clean & Sanitize desk area
+ Clean entrance glass doors
+Clean interior glass
+ Empty trash
+ Dust
+ Sanitize telephone receivers
+ Clean floors (mop and/or vacuum)
+ Arrange chairs & furniture
+ Clean & sanitize door handle ,light switches



+ Clean & sanitize Toilets
+ Clean & sanitize sink area (Faucets, mirrors)
+ Empty trash
+ Fill dispensers (soap, towel, toilet paper)
+ Mop floor
+ Polish chrome fixtures
+ Clean &sanitize restroom stalls- once per week, spot clean if needed daily
+ Empty sanitary napkin receptacle



+ Clean Exterior Cabinets
+ Appliances (outside)
+Microwave & toaster (inside & outside)
+ Clean & sanitize sinks
+ Clean & sanitize counters
+ Clean & sanitize and arrange chairs & tables
+ Empty trash
+ Put dishes in dishwasher, run when full and put away.
+ Clean inside refrigerator -once per month


MISCELLANEOUS (Applies to every ROOM)

+ Mop (All Washable Floors)
+ Vacuum (All Carpeted Areas)
+ Clean & sanitize doors area (knobs, frame,switches)
+ Clean entrance glass doors
+ Baseboards
+ Interior glass
+Dust , blinds, high& low surfaces
+ Arrange chairs &furniture
+ High dusting of air vents, ceiling corners and edges – Once per month

Attention to detail, it is what sets us apart.

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